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With a vast amount of apps only applicable with the use of an Internet connection, it is difficult to imagine your app without such a requirement when in the design phase. However, there are many apps that people use on their mobile devices each day that simply do not require use of the Internet to function. Such apps have consequently allowed users to benefit under the rare circumstance where an Internet connection is unattainable. While it goes without saying that there is a broader range of design and function capabilities when creating an online mobile app, there is still a significant and less competitive market for apps that do not require an Internet connection. If you are considering developing a similar app and have worries about hosting it fully or partially offline, here are three reasons it may not need the Internet.You Don't Need The Internet To Take Photos Apps used for taking or altering images are the most obvious choice for functioning offline. Such apps typically take or change images on mobile devices using a built-in camera or programming to add filters and other appealing effects. If this is the kind of app that you are considering for development, you need not worry about users having an Internet connection for its use. It is nice, however, to have a connection in order for users to share images on social media, which is one reason you may want to make your app both online and offline compatible. However, the actual capturing and altering of images can be done on an app entirely offline, serving a useful purpose when out of signal range.Business Isn't Always Online  There is a seemingly endless selection of business-related apps on the market that are used in unison with the Internet, however there is also a market for those that do not. More specifically, there are apps for reading and composing documents on mobile devices that are undoubtedly useful when stuck doing work without the Internet. So, whether the majority of your app users will be business professionals traveling around the world searching for spotty Internet connections, or freelance contractors working from one remote location, there certainly is a market for developing a document app for such users. Offline Gaming Most people will admit that online gaming adds an interactive element that offline gaming simply does not have. With that said, when someone is stuck in a far-off location without an Internet connection, they will be grateful to have downloaded an offline game that occupies their time with nothing else to do. In addition, if you deem it unnecessary to devote your gaming app entirely to an offline status, there is always the option of creating a hybrid game that works both online and offline. This is actually the most sensible option and it is rather surprising that more game developers do not go this route.  Conclusion Whether you are looking to develop an app targeting business professionals working remotely, photography enthusiasts, or gamers, there is undoubtedly a market for offline apps. You must be smart about it though. When developing and marketing such an app, it is important to target the specific market that you are after with your app, and subsequently give the option of connecting to the Internet if desired. Having both offline and online capabilities for your app is a much safer bet than one or the other. Your users will most assuredly appreciate both options.



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