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There are two main strategies when offering a line of mobile apps. You can either create several apps that are similar — perhaps even related to each other — or you can diversify them. For the purpose of this article we are going to focus on how to diversify your line of mobile apps, which is not to say that such a strategy is always best, but it certainly is advantageous to developers at times. Avoiding ConfusionMobile app users often get frustrated when searching for a company’s app to no avail. Even more, frustration sets in when they are left with multiple choices that are remarkably similar. When developing your line of apps, you should keep in mind that someone searching for one of your apps may not know everything about it. So, if there are other apps similar to it — either created by your company or a rival — that user may have a difficult time making a distinction between them. For such reason, it can be a successful strategy to make every app in your company’s product line unique it its own way. Such strategy often relates to the smaller and superficial details of your mobile offerings. Changing The Little Details To diversify your line of mobile apps in the simplest form, all you really need to do is change up the little details on each one. For instance, making sure the icon for each app is unmistakably unique can make a big difference when users are looking to download one specific app in your product line. Additional little changes you can make include, the name of each app and its metadata. More specifically, if you make sure the name of each app is entirely distinct from others made by your enterprise, as well as other companies, it will make it a lot easier for users to identify them. Also, changing the metadata on your apps so they are completely unique and distinguishing from each other is another useful step in the diversification of your line of mobile apps.  Deleting Old Apps Deleting your enterprise’s outdated apps from mobile marketplaces is another action you can take to avoid users getting confused with your line of mobile offerings. Say, for instance, you have an outdated app that you just released a more recent version of, but you forgot to delete the old version. Naturally, you can see how a user might get frustrated when trying to figure out which is the one they should be downloading, especially if they happen to choose the older version and discover its shortcomings. Such a mistake not only reflects badly on your company, but it can agitate users to the point of downloading one of your competitor’s apps. Conclusion Diversifying your enterprise’s line of mobile applications may, at times, be necessary simply to avoid confusion between the sea of other apps flooding the market. When users go to specifically download one of your apps, the last thing you want is for them to have any doubt as to which one they are intending to use. Furthermore, you definitely do not want them to accidentally download an outdated version of one of your apps, or even worse, a remarkably similar app offered by one of your competitors. In order to avoid such confusion, try on the previously mentioned steps in order to fully diversify your product line.



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