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Virtual reality was spoken as impossible decades back, but has reached our hands couple of years back. We have even reached a stage of affordability in virtual reality. VR headsets are highly affordable today. You would have spent hours of research to purchase the best virtual reality headset. But, I can bet you, many wouldn’t have still crippled all possible benefits from it. This article would guide with a couple of tricks and tips to benefit the best from your virtual reality headsets.Experience the reality with a spinning chair:            Have you ever tried a combination of VR headset and spinning chair? Try the same gaming experience with a spinning chair. We would promise you an astonishing gaming experience. The virtual reality’s major need is to provide a 360 degree view experience. Spinning chair would help you reach the motive. But don’t accuse us if you feel dizzy. If you don’t have one, why not an active standing game? Try playing by just standing up.Prevent fog:            Fogs would be a prime issue in every VR headset. Experts are in the progress to find out permanent solutions for preventing lens fogs. Fogs appear over your headsets due to the dissimilarity caused by the temperature that exists between your phone and the lens. Solutions such as Jaws quick spit and many more are available in the market to prevent the fogging discrepancy. Jaws quick spit is the cheapest among the various sprays available in the market. This solution can be used for a maximum of 200 times for just US$6. Apply the spray, wipe it around lens before you dive into your virtual reality world and enjoy a discrepancy free gaming experience.Tip to solve the heating issue:            Overheating is always a criticism for electronic gadgets. VR headsets have never been an exception. Overheating still exists to be an issue in VR headsets. The overheating often happens when downloads are queued up and still you are unable to cease from playing mode. By processing your game as well as downloads in the background, the system tends to get heated. So, it is advisable to isolate both the activities. Download the apps before jumping into the virtual reality world.How about a gamepad?            Some games would deploy good experience just with your keypad. Some games would require a gamepad. Gamepad would help you to grab the best out of your headphones. Game pads available at affordable rates. Invest in game pads to gain the best experience of virtual reality.Avoid Queasiness:            Users would feel queasy or squeamish beyond a limit, some would be sensitive to motion sickness. To avoid such health issues make use of the ratings in store app listings offered by Oculus. The ratings are comfortable for most or some or few. These ratings would guide you towards the games that would suit your tolerance level.             Despite being mentioned at the end, to avoid lousy experience, prefer using quality headphones to club splendid audio with your visual experience. Hope these tips would help you grab an extraordinary gaming experience. Never cease to enjoy.



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