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Heat resistant steel and high temperature alloy steel, heat-resistant steel and high temperature, high temperature alloy steel, refractory steel and alloy steel, heat-resistant steel and high temperature alloy steel pipe), heat resistant steel and high temperature alloy steel, heat-resistant steel and high temperature alloy steel tube) precision steel pipe. All kinds of machinery, boiler and steam turbine in the thermal power plants, aircraft and ships with many of the gas turbine and atomic reactor engineering structure in the structure are working under high temperature condition. Working temperature increases, on the one hand, affect steel chemical stability; On the other hand to reduce the strength of the steel. For this purpose, the requirement of steel at high temperatures should be (1) the creep, relaxation of thermal and thermal fatigue resistance and oxidation resistance; (2) in a certain medium corrosion resistance ability and enough toughness; (3) has good processing properties and welding inspection; (4) according to different purpose, with reasonable organizational stability. Heat resistant steel is to point to work under high temperature and has a certain strength and oxidation corrosion resistance of steel, refractory steel including the thermal stability of steel and refractory steel. Thermal stability of the steel is to point to oxidation at high temperature or medium of high temperature corrosion and does not destroy the steel grade, such as furnace bottom plate, grate, etc. Their work is the main failure forms of high temperature oxidation. And bear the load on unit area is not large. Strong hot steel is to point to have certain antioxidant capacity at high temperature And has enough strength and does not produce a large amount of deformation or fracture of steel grade, such as high temperature bolts, such as turbine blades. They asked when the work under load, failure is the main reason of the high temperature strength is not enough, lead to instability and failure.Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd have much pipe inventory of alloy steel pipe.Pls contact us if you need.



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